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January 24, 2015

Ao Nang / Railey Beach, Thailand

Everyone loves Railey Beach! So our next stop on the west coast of Thailand was Krabi to check it out.

We stayed in a town next to it called Ao Nang where we stayed in a guesthouse in the jungle next to the cliffs which was amazing!  The only thing that would have made that resort better was an elephant – but I guess you can’t have it all.  We totally spoiled ourselves staying in that place (not that we have been facing hard times in our other guesthouses), but this place was top notch. At the restaurant here, we also discovered our FAVOURITE all time Thai soup Tom Kah Gai. Mmmm – I am going to make it everyday at home.


Wore a white bathing suit today and it didn’t blend into my skin. Never thought that would be possible.


We stayed there for two nights only – enjoyed the scenery, and moved on.

Next stop Koh Toa!


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