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March 31, 2015

Local Livin’ in Bangkok, Thailand

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Before heading out of Southeast Asia, Pam and I headed back to Bangkok to get some shit done! Seriously, we had two days full of appointments and errands to run.

Firstly, Pam had an eye appointment. That’s right. For those of you that do not know, Pam had to get emergency eye surgery before leaving for this trip. As a condition to come on the trip, she had to ensure that her eyes were tested every couple of months to ensure that the surgery was successful and no other issues were forming. The doctor in Bangkok actually completed a fellowship at UBC and was a friend of her surgeons. His office was INCREDIBLE. Pam could not have been in better hands! They completed all the necessary tests with the most modern equipment and Pam passed with flying colours! We were even treated to popcorn and delicious coffees while we waited to speak with the doctor. The popcorn really sold me…



Afterwards, we headed to the shopping district to purchase some camping gear for Africa. Riding the metro all around town, we popped into a couple of malls and MBK for sleeping bags, pillows and other shopping items we needed like toiletries. We did not get back to our hotel unlike 9pm that night! I was wiped.

The next morning we headed to Koh San Road where I met with my tailor for my final suit fitting. This suit turned out unbelievable and I can not wait to order more.

For the record – the pants totally had to get taken in!

After the fitting, we were planning on getting our shopping completed on Koh San Road. We wanted to buy a bunch more tank tops (Thai tank tops are the BEST) and other miscellaneous things. After the fitting, however, I had stomach pains that were unbearable. I had been feeling kind of crappy since Koh Rong and I could not deny it any more.

So why not add a tour of the hospital on our list of things to do? So our next stop was Bumrungrad International Hospital. The most amazing place on earth!

Our taxi driver told us, there were two options for the international hospitals but Bumrungrad was number one. “We want the best!” I confirmed, so he took us to the best. Man, this is not the best hospital in Bangkok, this has to be the best hospital in the world.


When we walked in, they asked me what the problem was and told me to head straight to the Digestion ward where they would take care of me. Walking through the lobby to the elevator was like being in a 5 star hotel!

When I got to the second floor, I went to registration where there was no line up and about ten people ready to assist me. They got my information logged in, issued me a hospital card and then lead me down to the nurses station in Digestion.


The waiting room was great with comfy seats with marble table tops and high speed wifi access for patients. The hospital staff was dressed head to toe in green raw silk uniforms. I was quickly escorted to a room to get my temperature and blood pressured checked before heading into a room with the doctor. In no time at all, I was written up a few prescriptions and sent to billing and to pick up prescriptions all in the same ward in Digestion!


Overall, it was an incredible experience and I was happy to have gotten sick there (and not in Africa).

After our errands were complete and our doctor check-ups were done! We were loaded and ready to go!

Next stop – Hong Kong!

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