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January 21, 2015

Look Out World, Here We Come!

After Mexico, I flew back to Canada to re-pack and pick up Pam. I can’t believe our trip is about to begin. As I write this sitting on a plane to the Philippines, it does not seem real.

Did we actually do this?

What IS real is how things that initially seem bad always turn around for us. During the planning and start of this trip, we hit some road bumps but everything has worked out.

Example #1 – when we were planning this adventure, we booked all of our flights around a specific tour in Africa based on the dates. A couple months later, we were notified that the trip had been cancelled and we were required to book a tour leaving on a later date. This required us to cancel and rebook ALL of our flights around the world. Did I mention the cost to this was $1,200 – EACH? Anyway, as terrible as this was, Pam and I got super stoked because this gained us a couple extra weeks in Southeast Asia. A blessing in disguise. An expensive blessing… but one all the same.

Example #2 – when we went to check in for our flights from Vancouver to the Philippines, we were informed that the only seats left together were in row 72 (the last row). When we asked about how good the seats were, the look on the lady’s face implied they were terrible seats. This wasn’t suprising as the seats were going to be next to the bathrooms and, we all know that, the seats at the back do not recline. Terrible start.

But! The seats were spectacular. There were only two in our row and we had full recline. Not to mention, the bathrooms weren’t directly behind us. There were in the most convenient place ever, were super spacious and clean!

We high-fived hard on that one. P&T win again. Hopefully, this is the theme of our adventure!

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