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April 7, 2015

See yah Later, Botswana. Namibia, Here we Come!

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When we got back from the Delta, we were all one thing – incredibly muddy!

My shoes were caked in mud, our tent was caked in mud, our chairs were caked in mud – god bless camping in the rain! Overall though, there was a huge sense of relief because we survived. Getting everything clean and dry was a chore but that is part of an overland camping trip. Working together to get things done – I would not have chosen to have it any other way!


And I do not know how it was possible but my white shoes ACTUALLY got clean – like brand new clean. New Balance sure knows how to make a shoe!

Once that was done, we treated ourselves to dinner and drinks for all of our hard work!








Hmmm … I am starting to finally see where the extra 5+ pounds gained on that trip came from….

The next day we headed into beautiful Namibia! It was a long drive to get to our next camp and when we arrived, Pam and I treated ourselves to a cabin upgrade to regroup after the adventures. We needed to air out our damp clothes, get some wash done in the sink and clean ourselves up more than anything.


Then we headed to the pool! A POOL at the campsite – we were so stoked! We grabbed some beers with Jac and Kevin, and relaxed after all of our hard work the last couple of days.





Because life is about celebrating the small victories as well as the large ones!

After the pool, we got dressed and were ready for dinner and to celebrate Linnea’s birthday! What a great day – the celebrations just kept coming! We had just got down to the campsite bar and I cracked my first Svanana Dry when the dark clouds starting rolling in and thunder started rattling the sky…


I knew where this was headed…

Are you frickin’ kidding me? I am in AFRICA and I straightened my hair tonight!


Pam and I starred at each other. ALL, and I mean ALL, of our clothes were hanging outside. One of us had to go back and take care of the situation. I knew what that meant…

One of my confirmed personality traits that I received on a test I took a few years ago is – a superhero complex. Sounds like a fake trait but I can assure you; it is very real.

Generally, I like to sit back and let other people take care of things. I’m pretty easy going, and indecisive, so I just find this easier. If you want to do it – go for it – let me know what you need me to do.

BUT, when things start to fall apart, that’s my moment to shine! Suddenly, out of no where – I am all over the situation – taking charge and solving problems. I get it all under control. I become the hero and I love it.

I should really work in crisis management…. If I ever go back to work, that is….

So when the storm starting to roll in and someone needed to save the day (or the clothes), without hesitation, I started to run. As fast as I could. When I got to the cabin, it was just starting to sprinkle – I had made it. I grabbed the clothes and hung them all up inside, regrouped and was ready to head back.

Then it REALLY happened. The RAIN. Or should I say MONSOON.

What the hell, Africa? They do not show this shit in movies…

I stared out of the window, perplexed at my next move. What was I going to do? I put on my jacket and layered my poncho on top and tightened my hood. Could I make it back?

I stepped outside and stared mother nature in the face. I was worried. It was quite the jog back to the restaurant, downhill. I knew my straight hair wouldn’t survive… but perhaps.. that would be the only casualty…

I started to run. It hit me in the face like a bucket of water. I looked up and noticed that Jac and Lindsay were still in their cabin next door. I ran to see if they were okay…. or take shelter quickly.. what’s the difference?

Now the three of us stared out of the window with fear. Were we going to make it to dinner? I think I left my Svanana on the table… it was almost full… what a waste..

After a few minutes, we decided the storm was not going to end anytime soon. We needed to go down. For Linnea! We could not miss her birthday… and….I was STARVING… not to mention thirsty…

The clouds were angry that day, my friends. We ran as hard as we could. Dodging puddles and slipping down through mud – the short cut path had almost but all washed away – we cursed at our decision to take it. Lightning flashed and thunder roared. It was terrifying out there. A lesser man may not have made it.

But we did! And everyone was so thankful that we had arrived safely.

Well actually – they were thankful we had finally arrived so that they could start dinner.

Same difference in my eyes!

So we had an amazing meal and popped some champagne for our youngest team member who had just turned 21. “Here’s to Sweden’s future prime minister!” I cheered (seriously, this girl may be 21 but I am sure could run a country in her sleep).



It was a great couple of days before heading out back into the wild.

Etosha National Park – here we come!

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