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August 29, 2015

So… We Decided to Rent a Motorhome in Europe!

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One day during our travels through Europe, Kevin and I started talking about all the other travelling we wanted to do! One of the things that ended up on our list was a road trip through North America in a motorhome. I mean, who does not want to do that?

The thought of it made us both so excited! We did not know when or how we were going to do it but knew it had to happen. After a while, Kevin looked at me and said, “Well, why don’t we rent a motorhome and travel through Europe for a month? We can try it out here and see if we like it!”

I thought Pam was my soul mate but Kevin was looking better everyday.

I gave a huge “Hell yah!” to the idea, popped open my iPad and immediately started researching. All I could think about was this motorhome.

I wanted it, and I wanted it bad.

After reading through some blogs and travelling forums one thing was clear, we needed to look into the agency Ideamerge for RV rentals in Europe. Every comment suggested that they were extremely easy to work with, would provide all the information we would need, and would manage the entire booking process.


I found their website and started reading through the abundance of information that it provided. The most important piece of information on the website, that corresponded with the blogs and travelling comments, was that Germany was the cheapest place in Europe to rent a motorhome. They suggested that even if you do not wish to travel through Germany, it is still the best option to rent from there and then travel to whichever destinations you choose.

Germany! Well, awesome! We were hoping to hit up Oktoberfest at the end of September, so this was working out perfectly.

Then, we started looking through the availability of motorhomes at different rental depots through Germany on the Ideamerge website. As we were looking only one month in advance for rental beginning in August, we encountered some trouble with availability. Luckily, after a couple of emails back and forth with Eric at Ideamerge, he steered us into the right direction.  He gave us some suggestions on the type of motorhome that would fit our needs best and the best locations with availability. Better yet, he recommended that we rent the motorhome greater than 30 days (even for only 31 days) as a significant tax discount would be applied for long-term use. Eric at Ideamerge was awesome!

So, we found the motorhome of our dreams in Dusseldorf for a rental period of 31 days between August 28 – September 28! The reservation was completed easily through the Ideamerge website. We then received an email confirmation from them including additional information to get our planning started. We could not believe how easy the booking process was! Even after booking, we contacted Eric with some questions and he was very quick to respond and super helpful.

This was it! We had rented our first motorhome! image






For the record, I totally put in the effort to style and color coordinate the motor home when we purchased the bedding and the towels. It makes it feel more at home! image

It did not come with a wine rack, so we improvised! Problem solving skills at its finest!



German beers and a couple bottles of Veuve Clicquot Champagne to get us started! You have to be prepared when every day is a celebration!

imageThe captain!image

4 thoughts on “So… We Decided to Rent a Motorhome in Europe!

    1. I can not imagine anyone not liking this! Please follow along and ask any questions you have. I am putting together “Tips and Tricks” we are learning through this experience, so I will have lots of information to share 🙂

  1. I’m curious about what’s the price for 31 days rental ?and where’s the pick up location ? the different location gives the different price! looking forwoard the traveling story~~~~

    1. Hi Jeffery, the price will depend on the motorhome you chose. There are many different different sizes with different features! I recommend checking out the Ideamerge website ( to get more information. You can also send them an email with your questions as they were extremely helpful for us!

      Bottom line: Renting from Germany is less expensive than other parts of Europe because they manufacture the motorhomes there. Also, there is a long-term rental discount (5%) available if you rent over 30 days (at least when we were there).

      Good luck!

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