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February 4, 2015

Thou Shall Love My Fellow Traveller

Here’s the thing.

I always reach a point travelling when I begin to loose a little faith in humanity and start hating some people. Maybe I am more Canadian than most – expecting others to be more polite and considerate? But there are times when I just think other people are straight up jerks.

Yah – you all know who you are.

Seriously – I like to consider myself a good overall person who tries to assist her fellow travellers that are on their own journey in the world. I always offer to take pictures for people, let them go ahead of me in the bathroom if they clearly need to go worst than I do, assist others with their travel plans, provide my contact info in case they have future questions, and invite them to join us if they are travelling alone.

I like to think that I am putting good travelling karma out there.

Today I wish nothing but bad travelling karma on this girl.

First of all, while I am considerate – I am not perfect. I’ll admit this. Of course when I travel on buses I pretend to be asleep with my bag next to me hoping that no one will take the other seat. But when there are no seats left, I accept defeat and eventually (after carefully consideration of who), offer my seat to SOMEONE. I would not take up 4 seats with my shit spread across and then duck my head down and away from a person when they ask for a seat pretending not to hear….

There were literally no seats left on the boat and you lied and said other people were sitting there. Well, you mumbled it as you avoided my face. Coward.

Almost threw my water bottle at her…


Am I PMSing?


My poor attempt at an angry face sitting on the boat deck upstairs…image

Pam’s angry look is a little bit more gangster…imageNothing like writing about a moment when it happens.  After I finished writing the post – things went a little down hill for us….. to be continued….


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