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February 4, 2015

Revenge of the Traveller’s Curse

Now I would hate to admit that I am the cause of the series of events that occurred after I wrote that last post. But it is quite coincidental everything that went down immediately after I finished typing it from the deck floor.

So. The ferry broke down.

Well. Not actually while transporting us (although they had to restart it numerous times). When we got to the dock, they shuffled us off the boat where we hopped into vans and were driven to the other side of the island on Koh Sumi to catch a different ferry.

Couldn’t help but thinking the girl I cursed was headed to Koh Sumi and was probably totally unaffected by this turn of events…

We hopped on a new ferry when we got to the other port and Pam and I were able to locate some seats. This is nice I thought.

Pam went to move her backpack against the wall of the ferry. Once she laid it down, she lifted her head, and scratched her expensive Oakley sunglasses on the TV above her. Couldn’t help but feel like my choice of seat somehow caused this incident.

What was happening, I thought?

I instantly suggested Pam get lunch first and I would watch our bags.

Pam came back with a pretty good looking chicken fried rice. I wasn’t feeling Thai food but she confirmed they had no sandwiches, so I figured it would be fine.

I went up next to get some lunch. They no longer had the chicken fried rice. Got one with an egg in it. It was gross and I threw it out. I couldn’t help but think my attitude against Thai food that day turned against me.

Ended up drinking a Pepsi only for lunch…

Finally, we arrived. We quickly rushed to our van for transport to the airport because time was getting tight for making our flight. We met other Canadians trying to get to Chiang Mai who suggested we get a private van to ensure that we made our flight. We walked towards the front of the van lineup to find a Seatran worker to coordinate this. One worker told us to get into the closest van and it would be fine – we would be leaving immediately. I passed this information along to the others and we got into the van.

We did not leave immediately. We sat there for like 30 minutes. With workers opening the door, counting us and closing the door. Over. And. Over. Again. The van was full! Why the hell were we still there?! Couldn’t help but feel like I should have let them lead the way to a private van and we would not have been in this mess.

FINALLY, we started moving and arrived at the airport about 15 minutes before our flight was about to take off. We ran as fast as we could to the Air Asia counter and they waved us through and called the pilot.

He denied us boarding the plane. We were too late.

There was lots of yelling at this point. Four Canadians became very unpolite. Seatran booked us on new flights that would get in late that night but at least it was on the same day. When I asked the manager to ensure that my ticket included up to 20kg of luggage (yes my luggage weights 50 lbs) – I thought she was going to kill me. She was a large, angry Thai women that had no time for my thoughts on the matter or suggestions. So much for my next argument that we should be entitled to food and drink vouchers. Better not, I thought.

We made it to our guesthouse finally late at night, we thought that things were going to turn around for us when we saw our room and the size of our bathroom (it was massive!)

But no. Pam was cursed the next day.

She left her bank card in the bank machine in the morning. That is now gone.

Also, while we were getting massages in the afternoon to destress from the prior days events – someone stole her sandals.

In the meantime, I am sure the girl I cursed was upgraded in her guesthouse and found money in the next ATM she used.

Or maybe she is walking around with new sandals.


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